Best Snacks to Carry On The Golf Course

Any avid golfer knows that you need to stay fueled while you’re out on the course. You may not realize it, but golf actually can be very draining, especially when you are out walking in the long, hot sun and carrying your heavy golf bag around. To prevent yourself from getting fatigued, you’ll need to make sure you are bringing healthy snacks, but of course you’ll still want them to taste good. Here are some of our favorite snacks to eat while you are golfing.

Trail Mix 

This is a great one because it is portable, healthy, and you can trail-mixeat it slowly as you move through the golf course. The nuts provide tons of protein, which is key to maintaining long term energy. There are also many different types of trail mix available, so you can choose one that suits your taste. For example, not everyone is a huge fan of nuts, so if that’s the case for you, you may want to look for one that contains more granola and dried fruit. You can even get ones that have dark chocolate in them for a little extra boost.

Cheese Sticks or Slices 

These are a good snack to carry with you, because cheese will really help you feel full when you are at your most starving. They contain a good amount of protein and healthy fat, and they taste good too. Just don’t overdo it, as cheese can be fattening when consumed in large quantities.

Beef Jerky

If you are already an avid golfer, surely you’ve carried this with you before, but we thought it was still beef-jerkyworth a mention. Beef jerky is great because it is portable and provides the delicious and salty flavors of meat in a small, easy-to-carry package. The beef also contains tons of protein, which is essential for keep your energy up through a long day, as well as keeping your bones and muscles strong. Not all brands of beef jerky are created equal, however, so be sure to read the nutrition label before you start eating.

Baked Kale Chips

Kale has been a huge food trend for everyone lately, so it is no surprise that golfers have jumped on the bandwagon as well. This is a great option to keep with you if you consistently crave potato chips or other salty snacks, because they have a similarly salty taste and satisfying crunchiness, but without the same grease or fat that you would find in other snacks. You can buy these at the health food store or natural grocer, or if you are feeling really ambitious, you can buy fresh kale and make them yourself.

Granola/Protein Bars

These are the ultimate snack for many different kinds of athletes, because they are so portable and provide you with tons of nutrients in a food that is easy and satisfying to eat. Which one you choose depends entirely on your personal nutritional needs. If you find that you need a boost of energy, go for a carb-based one, but if you find that you need to recharge your muscles, protein is your best bet.

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