The Best Golf Courses

Golf is a popular sport and pastime all over the world due to the fact that not only is it seen as a competitive activity that is often broadcasted on the television; individuals have also taken it up as a recreational hobby. The United States of America holds the highest ranking for the population of people involved in the sport of golf. It comes as no surprise seeing as famous
golfers like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and Jack Nicklaus have their origins from there.

A few years back before golf amassed this current following from individuals, a golf course was solely seen as the domain of professional golfers. But at present, the beautiful landscape and designs as well as the fact that most of them are part of resorts that cater to tourists all year round has seen the almost eradication of that conception. For the avid golfer who is willing to test some of the best golf courses or for the individual who just has a mere interest in discovering where the best golf courses are, below is a brief roundup of the best 4 golf courses:

Pebble Beach, California

One of the well-known courses happens to be Pebble Beach Golf Links course that showcases link golf in its West Coast location. The location guarantees all round sunny weather alongside tricky golf conditions due to its location close to the Pacific. The course is famous due to two reasons one being that it was the place where Graeme McDowell won the US Open and it was also designed by the golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. All this amazing features combine to make it one of the best golf courses in the United States. The luxury homes surrounding this beautiful golf course often boast about their proximity to the Pebble Beach golf courses as it is a highly desired course.

Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club

Considered to be one of the most trying links in Fort Lauderdale, this golf course is located downtown off the city of Plantation. The 18-hole golf course is surrounded by wetlands, a linear park and multi-trail inspired by the Everglades. The golf carts are GPS enabled so as to prevent the golfers from getting lost, the golf course surface is made up of Sea Dwarf Paspalum making the golfing experience all the more special. If you live in a Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront home, you are a quick drive away from this beautiful golf club.

City of Lauderhill Golf Course

This happens to be one of the best courses out there when you are simply looking for a relaxing environment to enjoy a good game of golf or connect with family and friends. The golf course can be found in the Broward county and features an eighteen hole executive length course. The golf yard has about 1200 feet with the longest tee for a par being 30. Considered to be one of the oldest golf courses, this golf course has been around since the year 1968 and still keeps going strong. The neighboring homes are a beaut. It allows for a retiree’s dream home as it is in close proximity to a beautiful golf course, and other luxurious amenities.

Pasatiempo Golf Course

With the PGA tour often frequenting California, it is no surprise that there happen to be a lot of top notch courses located there, one of them being the Pasatiempo Golf Course located in Santa Cruz. Designed by Alistair MacKenzie a world famous golf architect, the golf course is a golfer’s dream come true with its lush greens and breath taking scenery. Santa Cruz is known for its high-end neighborhoods. These homes offer the best of both worlds, beautiful scenery and a quick drive to the city.

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